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Great content for SEO

SEO That Works Starts With Great Content

Finding the right website content can be challenging, especially when producing regular content for your business. Sometimes it’s easy to just say, “well, what else is there to be told about my industry?” Content tells a story and is so important when trying to boost your business’ SEO (search engine optimization). Building your audience and gaining new customers takes smart content production. To increase SEO, it’s important to consider important algorithms and success methods while considering the people who are reading your content. Content should successfully achieve two things: bring attention from potential customers and maintain a branded voice with the appropriate keywords, themes, phrases, and writing styles. Here’s a few ways to create meaningful content that will attract and entertain customers while keeping on track with SEO growth:

Remember and Consider Google’s Ranking Algorithm
Google’s ranking system for top-notch SEO seems extremely complex to many, but it’s broad breakdown is actually fairly simple. Google has components of its algorithm that act as simple considerations for you overall SEO. These components are as follows, listed from top to bottom in levels of importance:

Host Domain (loading speeds are heavily considered here)
Link popularity
Links connecting to other locations of the website within the copy
Keyword usage
Hosting data
Website traffic
Reader reactions and conversation

Clarifying exactly what Google is looking for in terms of content creation in combination with SEO helps to understand that Google’s algorithm isn’t geared towards generating personal profit within the company, but rather helping you make compelling, valuable content that truly reflects your brand, product, and service. Considering these components can help draw a map of how to achieve competitive, Google-friendly SEO.

Content Quality
What gauges content quality? Is it how grammatically correct your writing style is? What about how informative your content is? Or if your content is “never seen before”? Well, all of these things are true when it comes to writing quality content. Ensuring your content truly provides value and information regarding your products or services is essential when attempting to attract new readers and eventually new customers. Creating interesting content that’s informative and geared toward encouraging your readers to explore your website further is also your goal.

Keyword Usage and Research
If you know anything about SEO or have read our past blogs on it, you know how important keyword usage is to the boosting of your SEO ratings. Always do important research to identify which keywords are best to utilize in the subjects you’re describing, but also include consistent keywords that go along with your overall brand. These can be words that are often used to describe your products or services, words that have been used in other content, or more importantly, words that are used in your Google AdWords campaigns. Think about the language and potential wording that your customer could use to search for your business on Google. Typically, they’re not technical, but rather simple phrases that are being used to find a specific result. If you’re not getting results with your initial chosen keywords, it’s ok to play with your writing styles and see what works, whether that be engagement or noticeably enhanced SEO.

Keeping your content fresh and new can definitely be difficult, especially with so much content constantly being posted and published online. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, especially if you do the right research when it comes to keyword usage, quality content creation, and Google’s SEO component system.

Our Google certified and trained team at BG Digital Group knows exactly what it takes to produce great content for any business, especially in favor of Google’s SEO requirements. In fact, we’re a Google Partner for both Analytics, SEO and Adwords. If you’re struggling to find the time to create meaningful content or just wanting to take your marketing content to the next level, BG Digital Group will be there to help your marketing matter. Call us today to get started!

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Print advertising
Marketing Traditional

Best Practices For Using Print Advertising In Today’s Digital World

For years, print advertising was the darling of most advertising campaigns. Today, there has been a significant reduction in the use of print advertising because of the trackable opportunities in social media and online advertising. As a full-service marketing agency, we know the benefits of using great digital advertising and print advertising. Just because print advertising is viewed with lower popularity doesn’t mean it’s not still useful for your business. Let’s analyze to determine the right recipe for success in both areas of advertising. There are great ways to advertise in the traditional way without having to focus all your marketing efforts on it. Here’s a few of our favorites:

1. Consider All Kinds of Placements and Styles
It may seem like online advertising is the best way to diversify your campaigns, but there are many options for great print marketing when evaluating all of the possible avenues for reaching your potential customers. From business cards, to signs, billboards, flyers, magazine and newspaper ads, brochures, hand-written notes, and more, you’ll be able to find what works for your business and capitalize.

2. Know Your Audience
If you think your audience will react well to print advertising, why not give it a try? The important detail to consider is the diversity of your audience. For example, older potential customers, like 50+ year olds, may not react well to the same print advertising campaigns as twenty-somethings. Business cards may be great for an audience that’s heavily business oriented, but maybe not for retirees. Knowing your audience will allow you to change your advertising plan to fit the needs of different people and budget for exactly who and what you’re targeting.

3. Budgeting
Print advertising can be very expensive, and if you’re not careful on how you budget, you might end up with far too many dated materials. Setting a comprehensive budget for each of your campaigns will allow you to have more freedom to enhance and change your print advertising strategy as time goes on rather than sitting on materials from ages past. Being able to keep your strategy updated will better show how your materials are performing and what you need to change over time to get better results.

4. Monitor Your Results and Make Changes
In a world filled with digital advertising, it’s tough to see whether print advertising is really worth it for your audience. The best way to find out if your traditional ad campaigns are working is by using digital means to prove effectiveness. Design your call to actions to direct consumers to a landing page so you can track the number of page views. Take it a step further and place an offer on that page that captures their name and email so you can further track and convert that lead to a customer. It’s important to gauge whether or not your audience is converting from your ad campaigns, regardless of the method you’re using.

5. Market Your Social Media Accounts to Start a Conversation
Here lies the beauty of combining print and digital advertising. You can start a connection right away instead of putting out traditional ads and hoping to get customers in the near future. Nearly everyone uses social media, so strategically listing your social media profiles help create a sales funnel that is sure to generate awesome leads. From looking at your print advertising, potential clients will be able to go right to your social media pages, follow them, and get immediate exposure to any updates and additional advertising you may be doing.

Whether you’re looking to start your marketing campaign from scratch, begin a new digital marketing campaign, modify your current campaigns, or just gain some direction on how to merge traditional and digital advertising, our team at BG Digital Group can help. As a full-service ad agency, we can do it all, from video production, social media management, all forms of traditional and digital advertising, graphic design, and more. Plus, we can help you strategize a fantastic new marketing campaign that is sure to bring in new customers and leads. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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Instagram Algorithm Update

Instagram Algorithm Update and How It Can Help Your Business

Social media platforms are constantly being updated to improve their use for users and allow a fairer method of promotion, engagement, and recognition for all profiles, both business and personal. Though these changes are made to help the users with the exposure of their content, you may have noticed that some of your posts aren’t receiving the same kind of engagement they used to or that older pictures are popping up in your feed over your newly posted images. Don’t panic! We’re here to explain all about methods of posting and sharing that can help you use the new algorithm changes to your advantage.

1. Post Truly Engaging Content
One of the biggest changes in Instagram’s new algorithm is the method of rating photos based on how much true engagement your posts initiate. More popular posts with comments, likes, and views are going to be higher on the posting list than others. A great way increase engagement easily on your posts is by asking questions in your captions, running contests, and offering advice. Depending on your brand, sometimes it’s better to simply post fun captions with a great photo. Either way, the point of social media is to ignite a conversation and start asking questions, gaining responses, and making connections with your consumers. Instead of viewing your posts as cheesy ad-based photos geared toward trying to make a dollar, your viewers will have an authentic view of your business, be able to make a true connection with you, and maintain a good relationship with your business and its brand.

2. Live Video and Stories
Instagram hopped in with Facebook and Snapchat for live video and story sharing. Users love being able to interact with others on a more personal, instant standpoint. So, if personal users are constantly viewing stories, why not do this for your business? Stories give your business the opportunity to reach out to your followers on a daily basis, which could include sharing new things like products, sales, events, employees, shoppers, and much more. Stories stay available for long periods of time and are viewable based on chorological order, not the level of engagement or the quality of the photo. Live videos are even better for engagement because most users are notified of the story being posted right when it’s posted. You’ll be able to connect with your users easily and quickly. The decreased post engagement can be avoided by posting stories and getting engagement there. There’s all sorts of great features to use in stories to get even more engagement like polls, tagged locations, animated stickers, and more.

3. Monitor Your Most Active Hours and Post Then
Common sense tells us that you’re more likely to engage with users if they actually get to view your content. Posting during times of high engagement is a great move, according to Instagram. As a whole, Instagram gets the highest amount of engagement on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between the hours of 5am-6am, 11am, and 3-4pm. While these hours are likely usually a great gauge across the board, be sure to personally keep track of your own engagement times (available in the “Insights” section on the app interface). Because of your target market and brand, your engagement times and levels may vary differently to the average norm, and the last thing you want to do is post at incorrect times and ruin your chances at getting good engagement.

4. Hashtags and Following Hashtags
It used to be better to use more hashtags because it gave people a better opportunity to connect with your brand and find your profile and posts. Now, Instagram wants you to be more strategic and involved in your hashtagging. The best engagement luck has come with using about 4-5 unique, yet decently popular hashtags that have to do with your business. This means avoiding random hashtags, overused hashtags, or irrelevant hashtags. Your branded hashtags are always acceptable along with interesting, yet popular hashtags that have a great following. There’s also a new feature available on Instagram where you can follow hashtags individually according to their topic. It’s important to follow hashtags, interact with on-brand posts, and create a larger presence within your industry on social media because your posts will be boosted more often and will garter more of a following.

Keeping track of what’s going on with Instagram’s algorithm can really help you with how well your content performs after and before posting. Keeping what may seem like small things in mind can actually make a huge difference and promote an even better viewpoint of your brand to more users. Social media is a great tool when you use it correctly, and at BG Digital Group, we offer great social media management plans that will let you forget about keeping track of all the crazy social media changes and continue working on your business. From post planning, posting, content creation, photography, video production, logos, graphics, and more, we can make sure that your social media is not only engaging, but bringing in new followers and leads every day! Call us today to get social with your followers.

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Social Media Ad Success
Digital Marketing Social

Social Media Ad Success: Know The Important Details

Tracking your ad’s performance is one of the most important aspects of an ad campaign. Social media ad campaigns can seem to be very complicated with so many different numbers to examine and translate into success rates. Making the perfect ad can be more difficult than it seems, especially with so many different guidelines and algorithms to follow. While this is aspect of making a great social media ad can be difficult to keep track of, what about actually tracking your ad? There’s so many different meanings to certain analytics associated with social media advertising that translating your success can seem nearly as difficult as creating ads. Different words have meanings for so many different platforms, and we’re here to explain them to you. Here’s the most important analytic details to keep in mind when making sure your business isn’t losing money with social media advertising, while making sure your ads are meshing well with the constant changes being implemented over so many different platforms.

This is one of the first, and broader, areas to observe when measuring how your ad is being viewed. Reach defines the audience of who is seeing your ad content. On Facebook, this is measured typically before your ad is deployed, making sure that your target audience is not too narrow or broad. The reach meter, as shown here, tells you how many people could possibly see your ad and helps to make sure that the keywords and zip codes that you use aren’t too limiting or too unfocused for the content that you’re sharing. Having a reach in the green section of the meter is the goal when targeting an ad, but that projected reach is often higher than the true reach the ad gets. True reach can be determined in two ways depending on how you have been deploying ads and content. There’s organic reach and paid reach. In this area of tracking, you can see the difference between the number of people seeing your paid ad campaigns or your organic posts, making it easier to distinguish which forms of ads (like video, images, text, audio, etc.) work best for you.

Impressions are even more important to track when considering the success of your ad campaign. Impressions are the standard way to measure delivery in digital ads. Facebook counts viewed impressions by the moment an ad enters the screen of a desktop browser or mobile app. The reasons to measure impressions are extremely important when translating just how well each ad is doing, especially in terms of budget spending. The reasons to measure impressions are geared toward measuring value, consistency, and fair pricing. Impressions ultimately determine the price of your ads. If you set a budget for $10 on a Facebook ad, the $10 will be distributed evenly to maximize your budget through your target market. Facebook does not charge for ad displays that have not been viewed, therefore, they can ensure that advertisers are charged a fair price for each ad deployed without wasting money.

Finally, the next step to getting new customers: link clicks. While there are different types of link clicks, the overall definition of link click measurement is how many people actually clicked on your ad. In social media advertising, this is the way to get viewers to a landing page in hopes of getting an action, like signing up for an email list, making a sale, attending an event, etc. When measuring, total link clicks means how many people, regardless of if it was a duplicate click from the same person or not, clicked on your ad. Unique link clicks refer to each individual who clicked on your ad with no duplicates counted. Facebook, in particular, will measure how much each click costed (PPC rate), allowing you to see if your money is being spent wisely or if your ad campaign is really worth it. Paying $2 a click can be a hefty price if no one acts on your product.

New and changing guidelines in social media advertising can make it difficult to produce engaging content, especially successful content, and tracking the performance of your content can prove to be even more difficult.

At BG Digital Group, we understand not only what it takes to make an ad successful, but also how to take the performance of your social media ad campaigns and translate them into direction and success numbers for the future. We will be with you every step of the way throughout your social advertising campaigns, driven to continue growth and success in every new campaign you start. Like any other type of advertising, we know you want your social media ad campaign to be worth it. Who wants to lose money? Not us and certainly not you.

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Social Media Marketing

Executing a Social Media Campaign Without Waste

Social media can be extremely useful to small and large businesses, regardless of budgets. Some companies question the legitimacy of social media advertising. It really does work! It depends on how you spend your money, execute your plan, and continue to produce meaningful content for your pages. To help businesses avoid wasting money and to use social media marketing in the most effective way possible, below are a few tips that are great to follow and keep in mind:

Avoid Hiring “Bots” for Posting And Commenting
Bots are a way that businesses can see an opportunity to have something else take care of their social media marketing. While it’s true that you won’t have to be posting while having a bot run your social media, it’s definitely not the best way to get true engagement and exposure because many social media users can see through a bot. The best way to have engaging posts on your page is to create them yourself with homemade content and real engagements between your business and its consumers. Using a bot will make your posts too similar, un-engaging, and often very impersonal, causing some viewers to wonder what’s going on with the repetitive content. If you don’t have time to post to social media, but you still realize how important it is to be involved on social media, it’s best to plan ahead of time. At BG Digital Group, we plan our social media posts far in advance, providing enough time for the perfect content scheduled at the optimal times. That way, it’s already done, the content is there, and the stress of thinking of a post for that day is gone.

Do Your Research
The algorithms and advancements of social media are ever-changing. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have all updated the way they organize exposure for the millions of daily posts. For example, Instagram once had a focus on hashtags. The more hashtags you placed in a post that had to do with your product or focus, the better exposure your post would have due to others searching hashtags. Now, it’s better to only use a few hashtags that are unique and strategically geared towards your product and your post. The Instagram Story was a new addition to the platform within the last two years, too. It allows you to share real time events with your followers, which can include anything from event promotion to product promotion. Instagram now has a huge focus on Stories, and creating these for your business, according to the new algorithm, will spell success for your social media plan. Social media marketing is heavily based on strategic planning. Being able to research and know the changes brought about by these platforms will bring your business to the forefront of the competition in no time.

Set Concrete Goals
Social media advertising is done to achieve the obvious goal to increase your inbound marketing. While it’s a great goal to have, that’s also every other business’ goal on social media too – including your competition. The formula of a strong social media plan is centered around concrete, definable goals that must be set with each dollar that is spent. It’s not just about generating results, but rather, what is each ad going to do for your business. When starting out, it’s good to set small goals for every ad for what you would like achieved regarding clicks, brand awareness or lead generation.

BG Digital Group knows how to execute a great social media marketing ad campaign while being conservative with budgets. We plan every post to be engaging, successful, and worth every dollar spent. We’ve managed a variety of social media campaigns from many different industries. We’re always training to learn about the changes happening in social media while adjusting our plans to meet the needs of the latest social media trends so you don’t have to worry! Have any questions about starting or revamping your social media marketing campaign? Feel free to give us a call today.

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Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social Advertising: Is it Really Worth It?

There are so many ways to get noticed on social media, but which are the best? When you start using business pages on social media platforms like Facebook, paid social media advertising is one of the most popular ways to get your business noticed quickly and with the greatest amount of reach. Of course, you also have to keep in mind that to make paid social media advertising completely worth it, you have to have engaging content, eye-catching ad designs, and well-thought targeted groups. So, after achieving all of that with your social media pages and ads, will your paid advertising campaign be worth it? It definitely will be, and you’ll be able to see exactly how your ads performed through the insight calculators. From our experience, we know that social media advertising is definitely worth it. Here’s a few of the reasons why:

Brand Awareness
By using paid social media advertising, you can drive traffic to your pages, of course, but what about your brand? A brand is the way that your potential customers remember you and how they view your business’ identity. With paid social advertising, you can control who views your ads, making them available to only those who identify with your brand. This is how you can get the right people to remember your business and continue to follow your brand. Our expert branding team can make sure that every ad tells your business’ story and creates a new following.

Demand Generation
Posting content on social media pages is a good way to start engagement, gain followers, and ignite conversations between your loyal brand followers, however because of new algorithms those posts are only available to a very small percentage of your followers. Therefore, if you are not paying to boost your posts no one is seeing them. Paying to boost your posts brings in more followers to your pages because they’re seen by a good amount of people that don’t already follow your business. Not only that, doing paid product posts can boost demand for the products featured. The more strategic and eye-catching your ads are, the more attention and buzz your product will receive, leading to a higher overall demand for your products.

Attention Acquisition Across Multiple Platforms
The great thing about paid online advertising is that it can be displayed in so many different ways. From Facebook ads on a computer, to Instagram Shop ads, to mobile ads, you can pay to have certain images, captions, and button ads displayed to potential leads on all possible platforms at one time, with one budget. So, instead of paying and managing four different types of advertising, it’s streamlined all into one, making your budgeting easier to manage and tracking easier to follow. It’s the ultimate way to maximize lead generation.

Retargeting Ads to Drive Sales
Monitoring the performance of your ads is essential to maximizing your budget in paid advertising, along with making your paid advertising worth it. Paid advertising retargeting allows you to manipulate each ad you put forward going off of the prior performance of the last ads your business ran. You’ll be able to change your target market, images, and more depending on what works and what doesn’t. At BG Digital Group, our team is well-versed with how to make the best ads, see what works for your target market, and deploy each of them in a strategic way to generate the most leads possible.

Earn Attention Where People are Spending Their Time
Mobile browsing is the number one way that people browse and view content today. People-based marketing, like providing a service or product, is most successful when driven on mobile platforms. Paid social advertising is mainly done on mobile devices, giving people the opportunity to view your ad anywhere, anytime. It’s also easy to act on mobile ads, mostly because it’s done at the touch of a button. It’s important to realize that ads generate the most leads when they’re easy to view and easy to follow to a link. That’s where paid social advertising rises above traditional advertising, whether it be print or media: you know your market will see it and act on it.

Our team handles paid advertising for a variety of businesses, and we know how to generate the most leads from each ad put forward. Paid advertising is worth it, but only if each ad is executed properly with targeting, great images, and engaging captions. From following the hot trends and scheduling advertising deployment to making eye-catching graphics for your ads, BG Digital Group will be there with you every step of the way to create a successful campaign without wasting your budget.

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising: How to Execute Without Wasting Your Money

Social ads are a great way to bring your business to the widest audience possible. Being original with advertising is difficult today, especially with millions of ads being presented to your potential customers daily. Social media is changing the way the ad industry is controlled for all types of business. Now, you can target your desired customers directly, change the way ads are viewed by different customers, and have your ads viewed by people you never thought possible. Some social media platforms and firms will make social media advertising seem impossible, and that is simply untrue. The success of your social media advertising is not nearly about the size of your budget as it is how you utilize what you’re willing to spend, whether that be $100 or $10,000. Here’s a few of our tips on how to make sure your budget does not go wasted:

Know Who You Want to Reach
As a business, you know who you want to reach. That’s the simple part. Now, how do you make that into a useful detail for your advertising? Make lists of keywords that fit your target audience along with where you’re targeting. In social ads, making sure you’re reaching your target audience on a wide level is crucial to making sure every dollar is spent wisely. However, being too broad or too focused can spell disaster for any ad campaign. Our team at BG Digital Group knows how to use the right tags, locations, and customer profiles to target the right audience for your business or product while making sure your advertising money is not wasted, but well-spent. Plus, we are training by Facebook and other platforms so we are in the know!

Don’t Be Afraid to Target Those Who Already Know Your Business
Going outside the box with your targeting is a great idea, that is, if you are not too broad with your target audience. Targeting niche and creative audiences is rarely a great idea, especially if you’re advertising budget is slim. By targeting people that know your business, you will be able to reach the true core of your potential customers and generate repeat sales with new product. Retargeting is a great way to do this; especially with people you already have on your contact lists and social media pages. By doing this, you can even continue to grow your likes, leads, and email contacts.

Don’t Get Distracted by Boosting Posts! Continue to Generate Meaningful Content
Sometimes allocating your budget can distract you from making ads that will catch your customers’ eyes. Using text-heavy ads is one of the biggest mistakes to make when making ads on social media. On Facebook, ads with less text are more likely to reach a wider audience. Using ads that are bright, eye-catching, and free of wordy descriptions allow customers to make a quicker association to your business and recognize your ads quicker. Going back to targeting customers that already know your business, a customer is more likely to remember a bright ad than a wordy, hard-to-read ad.

Use Diversity with Your Ads
Using the same ads over and over can definitely make your customers uninterested, but so does using the same ad formats and wording. Changing a few aspects of the ads you’re promoting is easier to spot by customers than you think. That’s why making sure your ads are diverse, interesting, and engaging is one of the most important ways to make sure your social ad dollars are not wasted. Using images, text, video, and shared content from other users is a great way to spice up your profile and ad campaigns. Not only that, making sure new areas of your business or the less popular aspects of your business are given attention is important too. The new customers you’re reaching by using targeted posts may give way to people appreciating new areas and specialties of your business, and focusing too much on one hit product or service can make your business seem stale to potential leads.

BG Digital Group, a top North Carolina digital marketing agency, works with social advertising accounts for a variety of B2B and B2C clients. No matter the size of your budget, we know how to utilize targeting in the best way without wasting a dime. From crafting fantastic, eye-catching ads, to creating a focused, target audience, we’ll be with you every step of the way to generate new leads and impress your current customers. Don’t let another dollar go wasted by contacting us today to find out how you can expand your business’ social media ad campaign.

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Top Pathways for Social Media and Online Advertising
Digital Social

Top Pathways for Social Media and Online Advertising

It’s getting more difficult for organizations to reach their desired fans. When social media marketing first began, the idea seemed simple: advertise to possible customers for free. While this is still true to a degree, social media usage has exploded thus limiting the number of posts a business page would display as friends and family content takes precedent. As of Q3 in 2017, Facebook alone had over 2.07 billion users. That’s a ton of content to be shared every single day. According to Locowise, only 2% of a brand’s followers sees their organic or unpaid posts on Facebook. The other 98% of a brand’s audience view mostly paid advertising and targeted marketing. That’s a huge difference. Because of how social media algorithms are now oriented, there are better ways for your customers to see your content than others. Below are a few our team stands by that generates true results:

Social Ads
Social ads are a great way to get higher click through rates, especially when utilized in mobile settings. 75% of Instagram users take action on social ads, which can include visiting a website, viewing your profiles, and contacting a business after seeing an ad on their feed. Because so many people share personal data and their interests in detail on social media, you’re able to target the most desirable consumers and highly qualified leads. Many marketing firms and organizations are actually investing in social ads more than ever. Why? Because they get results. According to eMarketer, social ad spending doubled in the last two years and 80% of marketing directors have invested in social advertising in 2017. Social ads are also a great way to customize the content that you deliver to consumers, along with creating fresh content. Social ads can even give your business a chance to rebrand and newly connect with your customers, both current and potential.

Social Video Sharing and Video Ads
Today, video sharing is the best way to boost your brand’s engagement instantly. People love watching content. Video advertising and sharing is the number one way businesses share content, whether it’s free or paid advertising. In fact, according to Trusted Media Brands, Inc., over 65% of marketers view social video sharing as a complete priority on all social media platforms as opposed to video-only platforms like Youtube. Scrolling through Facebook, it’s difficult not to see a video at least once. More than 45% of people who use Facebook watch more than an hour of Facebook videos per week. BG Digital Group has made videos for a variety of our clients and most received great engagement levels.

In addition to social video sharing, video ads have been one of the best ways to increase engagement between your business and potential consumers. Like display ads, you choose where your ad will appear, decide on a budget, and choose your ideal customer reach. Video ads are shown before or during nearly every publicly streamed video, and with Youtube’s great analytics tool, you’ll always know what videos are working and creating the most engagement for your business.

Display Ads… Done the Right Way
Display ads target potential leads and customers by reaching them across all of their devices. Businesses can utilize them to create the perfect campaign for the right people. An important key to realize with display ads, though, is that to execute them correctly, they must be tracked and measured for conversions. This is similar to the tracking of social ads, yet these can be even more targeted to an audience and less content creation is involved in the making of the ads themselves. Social ads are subject to change with higher volume. They’re meant to fit into a feed of ever-changing content, whereas display ads give a more constant view of your business to consumers and allows you to make small changes over time that make a huge difference.

BG Digital Group knows how to reach the right consumers for your business. We can target, interact, and engage to get your business’ marketing plan actual results. We can handle the graphic design of ads, the strategic deployment of your ads, and monitor the results to optimize your ads as time marches on. We can work with you to make the most of your advertising budget, and make sure that your advertising dollars, whether large or small, are spent to get the most results.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can start using the newest, most relevant pathways of engagement to make your ad campaigns result worthy and worth every cent!

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Common marketing mistakes

Stop Making the 5 Most Common Marketing Mistakes

Do-it-yourself marketing is very common in planning today, and at times, it’s the perfect way to get your business’ marketing plan started at a low price. It’s important to consider at which point, however, that your business is beyond the point of DIY and more suited for a firm’s guidance. When setting up and tracking a marketing plan, it’s very important to consider where the most common marketing mistakes are made and how they can affect the overall growth of your business’ presence in the market. If you make certain mistakes early, these can affect your business’ rankings over time and delay the growth and results of your marketing efforts. Here’s a few tips from our marketing team about how you can avoid common marketing mistakes and get on the right path to marketing success:

1. Not Enough Content
The best way to increase your search rankings and results in marketing is to produce lasting, meaningful content for your business. Compiling a list of keywords, coming up with a list of ideas, and producing content over time with such keywords worked into the content is the best way to boost your SEO rankings and exposure for your business online. Having trouble coming up with new, innovative content ideas? Our team at BG Digital Group can work with your business plan to come up with lots of meaningful ideas for content creation and exposure, and we know exactly how to employ them to promote true growth for your business over time.

2. Targeting the Wrong Customers (or avoiding a real target market in general)
Do you know your target market? If you do, how are you targeting them? The first step to reaching your desired customer base is to successfully define who they are. Doing this requires looking at your current customers, your competition, and how your product or service fits into these groups. Determine areas of a customer base that have not been reached by competitors yet and reasons why. This will help your business identify opportunities for creative and help generate ideas for content. Streamlining who your business needs to reach is the first step to promoting an awesome marketing plan that will promote success over the long haul.

3. Never Think Your Audience is Content with Your Content
Like we said before, producing new and exciting content for your followers and potential followers is key to promoting new and lasting growth. Always generating creative ideas for content allows your followers to see all the different sides of your business. It gives them something to look forward to and exudes a dynamic personality for your business. No one wants to the see the same content over and over; that’s surely a way to lose followers!

4. Old Content on Your Pages
Does your business have outdated pages of content from old postings, websites, or advertisements? If you cannot draw a meaningful connection to the content on your website, it needs to be removed. The worst thing for a business’ exposure is for potential customers to view tired content and make a negative connection to your business. Even if it means you start over producing new content, it’s better than giving customers a misconception on your business’ identity.

5. Lack-Luster Branding
Are you proud of your brand? Is your logo modern and eye-catching? Is your brand identity exciting and in-line with your target audience? Your brand is the base of your business’ voice to consumers. If you are unsatisfied with your branding, looking to try something new, or wanting to produce new content with a new voice, it’s time to re-evaluate why your brand is lack-luster and start with a new branding strategy. Our team can help you every step of the way to determine your business identity, geared toward your desired voice and further the promotion of long-term growth.

These potential mistakes can seem overwhelming at first glance, especially since your marketing success heavily depends on each of these issues. It’s never too late to start a new marketing plan with a new voice. At BG Digital Group, we know what it takes to turn a lack-luster marketing plan into an eye-catching success! From graphic design, to brand identity, to content production, to social media management, to targeting your customers, we can help you every step of the way. Even if you’ve started your project, we can sit down and see what areas need to be improved to achieve the success you’ve always wanted in marketing your business. Call us today for details on how we can help you get started.

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website makeover

A Business New Year Resolution to Follow: A Website Makeover

Internet marketing opportunities have been growing at faster rates every year, and the importance of your website is higher than ever. Your website is how you tell your business’s story to current and future customers. It should be the one-stop shop for everything that has to do with your business. From finding information, to portraying your brand, to showing off your awesome work, your website is always going to be one of the first places internet browsers stop when searching for information and more regarding you and your business. While making sure your website is modern, cleanly designed, and well-kept with your brand is very important, there also are so many things that lie beneath the surface of your website that can make a huge difference with viewings, time spent on your pages, and the overall usability of your site. Here’s a few of our tips to making sure your website is better than ever this New Year:

1. Authentic and Updated Branding and Content
Make sure your branding, color scheme, photos, and content are updated and authentic to the story you’re trying to tell your potential customers. Some of the most common problems with business webpages are outdated material and branding. Using a modern, current logo and adding less stock photos and more authentic material coming straight from your business gives visitors a reason to stay and explore your page. In addition to graphic content and on-brand color schemes, making sure the information about your business is always updated (e.g., your address, mission, “About Us” pages, products, and customer testimonials, etc.) ensures visitors of your page have all the correct information they need to make that important connection with you as a seller.

2. Load Speeds
Slow load times are huge when a visitor views a webpage for the first time. In a world of instant gratification and 4G LTE speeds, people can be quite impatient…as in, 4 seconds being far too long impatient. The difference of making a sale or not can absolutely rely upon your site’s load speeds. Not only that, your business’s SEO rating can also drop due to poor load speeds. Regularly monitoring how fast your site loads, seeing how easy it is to navigate in a timely manner, making regular improvements to your site’s load speed is essential when considering what needs to be changed beneath the exterior layers of your website.

3. Security
Does your website have an SSL certificate? If not, 2018 is your year to get one. An SSL certificate creates a safe space for customers to make connections via purchase, information transfers, location services, etc., while browsing your site. The last thing you would want in the New Year is to land your business in hot water over misappropriate information of a customer because your website was not secured. Check out our previous blog regarding SSL certificates to learn more!

4. Include Your Social Media Buttons
With millions of users around the world, it’s no lie that social media has become a prominent piece of most modern people’s lives. If your business has social media accounts, that’s great. But is everyone interested in your business aware of that? Placing buttons for your social media handles seems like a simple task, but doing so allows users to build connections between all of the content released about your business. This is another small fix that can yield large results with the communication between you and your customer.

5. Responsive Design
According to the web analytics firm, StatCounter, mobile and tablet browsing overtook desktop browsing for the first time in 2016 with 51.3% of taking place via mobile technology; and, that number has been growing every single year since. So, it’s crucial to consider whether your site works efficiently on all browsing platforms. Making your site responsive not only makes your webpage easier to view, but it also opens your site to a wider daily audience. Not being able to view or use your webpage on a mobile phone can be frustrating to consumers looking for quick information, which can, at times, make them question your site’s professionalism and legitimacy.

BG Digital Group can help you bring your website back to life in 2018 by updating and adding all the points discussed above. We understand exactly what it takes to design a website worth visiting and worth exploring. From security, to graphic design, to load speeds, we have you covered every step of the way to making your site modern, user-friendly, and tailored to your business’ brand. If you’re ready to make your website better than ever, contact us today to get started.

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