Why You Should Intern with a Small Agency


Whether you are currently in college, have just graduated, or are interested in expanding your knowledge in a certain field, internships can be incredibly beneficial, and there are many factors to consider when deciding where to intern. Some jobs can be more fun and rewarding than others, but working at a smaller ad agency can prove to be the best choice. Here’s our reasons why interning at a small agency like BG Digital Group is the best: Read more

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality Online

Maintaining social media accounts for your business is relatively simple, but standing out and showing your brand’s personality online is a little more complicated. In this day and age, it is easy to get lost among the crowd. Maybe your office has unique décor or your staff is made up of amateur comedians, how can you make sure your online presence is reflecting that while remaining professional? BG Digital Group can help!


How to Gain Business with Email Marketing

Today, everyone has a smart phone in the palm of their hand at all times.  People are checking their phones and emails all the time whether they’re in line at Chipotle or checking out at the grocery store. Access to the Internet is never more than a swipe away. It is now more important than ever to utilize and take full advantage of this resource with email marketing!


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Capitalize on Social Media with BG Digital Group

Social Media BG Digital Group

What’s the best part of social media? It’s free. But that doesn’t mean money isn’t hidden behind the scenes. Today, there are social media experts that can take your business’ social media to the next level, giving your business the exposure that you never thought possible. Here’s why outsourcing your business’ social media is worth every penny: Read more

Your Campaign’s Key Ingredient

When creating a campaign, advertisers take many factors into consideration, but one key ingredient to a successful campaign is the consumer. A targeted campaign can result in the consumers indirectly marketing your campaign on an international scale. With the latest technology trends, advertising professionals are acknowledging the marketing power that consumers hold within social media. Read more

Own Your Business’ Reputation with a Public Relations Plan

Are you in control of the way your business is perceived by the public? The most important thing about public relations is knowing your audience and understanding their actions and motives. In order to implement a successful public relations campaign, you have to follow the four key steps, also known as the R.O.P.E. process. Research, Objectives, Programming, Evaluation. Read more

Stand Out with B2B Content Marketing

b2b content marketing
B2B content marketing is essential to success with branding your business. Content marketing is focused on creating relevant and consistent content that draws in and retains clients, making your clients aware of what’s new with your services and marketing plan. For successful B2B marketing, it’s not only important to orchestrate a plan, but to enact it with wide-exposure, reaching new and old clients locally and nationally. Here are few items to consider when devising the most effective B2B content marketing strategy:

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Advertising In the Digital Age: Facebook

The world of social media can prove to be daunting to most businesses; it’s ever-changing and sometimes confusing. One social media platform that mostly everyone is familiar with, however, is Facebook. The first platform in social media to become multi-generational, Facebook now contains the largest scope of participants. Since this is true,  in the world of marketing it has become one of the greatest advertising tools, and at BG Digital, we know exactly how to make your business thrive by using social media platforms as ad tools. There’s so much to learn about advertising in the digital space, but here’s a few reasons why Facebook advertising is an essential detail to any advertising plan: Read more

How Video Marketing Can Increase Engagement

According to a new report from Millward Brown, all around the globe, people are spending just as much time watching online videos as they spend watching TV. While it’s no secret that this is common behavior for millennials, the report found that Gen Xers are beginning to exhibit the same viewing habits. This means that it is more important than ever to hop aboard the video marketing train.

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