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Bender Apparel’s 4 Components of Successful Digital Marketing

Meeting all the wickets for successful marketing in today’s digital climate can be daunting for a business owner. Thankfully, BG Digital Group is here to help ease the pain and allow businesses to focus on taking care of their customers, which is what they do best. One great example of a business that is using inbound marketing to market their business is Bender Apparel and we are excited to call them one of our client partners. And what an exciting and energizing experience this relationship has been!

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Let’s Get Technical About Search Engine Optimization

In a world influenced by instant gratification, most can agree that when looking for a business, rarely do we find ourselves on the second page of a Google search. The most clicked search engine results are within the first five, especially if they include a short description, contact information, images, or a map. Website visits go to those with the fastest, most convenient information.

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Crystal Coast Bridal Alliance Set to Deliver More Brides to Area Businesses

Spring is in the air, and so is wedding planning. As the wedding season kicks off, more destination weddings than ever before are being planned and the Crystal Coast is being considered as a prime destination for these events to take place. For years, we have heard of local professionals wanting one local marketing organization dedicated to unbiasedly promoting this area as one of the top destinations for weddings in the United States. 

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Why Marketing That Matters is So Important to Bellagurl

You hear us say it all the time and it’s at the bottom of every blog we write because it’s our mantra: we make marketing that matters. This month, we are so excited to give you an update on real marketing that matters by showing you some examples of some great causes at home and abroad.

Over the past few months we have launched new donated websites for Friends of Aging in Carteret County, The Crystal Coast Autism Center, and Coastal Carolina Center for Women’s Ministries.

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