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How to Plan a Successful Networking Event

Do you ever get the idea to throw a wonderful party, but worry that no one will actually come? The sentiment is just the same for work events as it…


How to Break Into the Adventure Industry With Event Marketing

Meet RuthAnne. She’s an account manager at BG Digital Group and lover of all things adventure. After just over two years with our business (RuthAnne joined when we were still Bellagurl Marketing), she…


Building a Brand Personality with Rosalind

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9 Reasons Why You Need Event Marketing

Ready to get serious about social mediamarketing? Our experts combine public relations, excellent skills in communication, business sense, and marketing genius to amplify your event to new heights, reaching your goal…


How Do You Know When It’s Time To Rebrand?

You may have noticed a few changes happening with our company over the past few weeks. We’ve been trying out something new, and we hope you like it as much…


Merry Marketing: Giving Back During the “Giving Season”

During the season that has come to focus around getting, it’s important to remember giving is just as significant. We think that your local community would appreciate this mantra as well; even if…