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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

After all the shopping and eating, Giving Tuesday is here to remind us of what the holiday season is truly about: showing kindness to those around us! We have so…

StoryBrand Guide

What Is StoryBrand and How Can It Help Your Business?

Most businesses think they are delivering clear messaging about what they offer and how they improve the lives of their customers. Most businesses also suffer from the “curse of knowledge.”…

Facebook Update

Are You Aware of The New Facebook Update For Businesses?

There are many changes that Facebook institutes each month. The latest changes coming to Facebook involve how they are tracking visitors. Recently, Facebook sent an update to all of its…


Jump On The Trend of Influencer Marketing

Think of the individuals you follow on social media and the last time they posted about a product. Did you find their post interesting? Maybe you even clicked to check…

Voice Search
Digital Marketing

Voice Search in Digital Marketing

You may be seeing more individuals using voice search in daily tasks, but it has also increased in the marketing realm as well. Today, most searches are dominated by voice…

RIP Google AdWords
Digital Marketing

RIP Google Adwords

On July 24th, Google made some changes regarding the branding of their advertising platform in an attempt to simplify their advertising services. Previously, Google offered a service for businesses known…

Topic Clusters

Topic Clusters: The Next Big Thing in SEO

Anyone who is familiar with search engine optimization knows that it is a constantly changing and evolving process. Previously, when we thought of SEO we thought about the importance of…

Holiday campaigns

The Importance of Early Planning for Holiday Campaigns

It’s August and we’re living the beach life here on the Crystal Coast, which means it’s the perfect time to begin planning for your winter holiday campaigns! While it may…

Increasing engagement Social Media

13 Lucky Tips for Increasing Engagement on Your Social Media Posts

Friday the 13th is here again! Those who are superstitious are being careful to avoid walking under ladders, steering clear of black cats, and keeping a tight grip on their…

businesses utilize Instagram TV

How Businesses Can Utilize Instagram TV

Instagram has now reached 1 billion users and is the third largest social media platform behind Facebook and YouTube. Recently, CEO Kevin Systrom announced that the popular site would be…