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“Traditional Advertising is Dead” and Other Cries For Help from Ad Age

As Lou Paskalis of Bank of America pointed out today during the first of many panels at the 2016 Ad Age Digital Conference, there has never been a better time to be…


Why Your Traditional Ads Aren’t Working

Every day, consumers are getting smarter about what they want to see alongside their content. Ad blockers have provided an opportunity to bypass advertisements and jump right to the content…

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5 Ways to Practice Delightful Customer Service

Welcome to the BG Digital Group Marketing Blog! I’m Rachel, your account manager, here to teach you about inbound marketing, and how delightful customer service can make all the difference. Here’s a…


What makes an Eye-Catching Logo Design?

What separates the great logos from the not so great? That’s an age old question that graphic designers have been tackling, but at the end of the day, professionals agree…


How to Plan a Successful Networking Event

Do you ever get the idea to throw a wonderful party, but worry that no one will actually come? The sentiment is just the same for work events as it…


6 Eye Catching Font Pairings From Chelsea

When it comes to graphic design, our intern Chelsea always starts with type. A self-described font-aholic, Chelsea spends a lot of time pairing fonts to use for logos, graphics, and…


Susan’s Tips for Becoming an iPhone Photography Expert

Meet Susan, our resident graphic designer and art director, and the creative mind that brings our digital marketing ideas to life. A multi-award-winning designer, Susan uses her incredible talent to design…


Top Reasons to Use Whitespace in Your Marketing and Graphic Design

Whitespace is often intimidating to companies. A world where we have little time to get our customers’ attention can make us want to shout everything at them all at once….


Merry Marketing: Giving Back During the “Giving Season”

During the season that has come to focus around getting, it’s important to remember giving is just as significant. We think that your local community would appreciate this mantra as well; even if…